Get your company ready for ESG, CSRD, and non-financial reporting

Gear up for the imminent legislation that will impact a majority of companies. Let us assist you in preparing for these new legal obligations.

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Gain complete mastery over your ESG data.


Acquire the essential data to effectively steer and expand your company in alignment with sustainable ESG standards.

Unlock the opportunity to access favorable project financing and outpace your competitors in the race to success.


Enhance your credibility and bolster supply chain stability through enhanced accountability measures.

Attain a stronger negotiating position with banks, partners, and employees, paving the way for better outcomes and advantageous agreements.

What is ESG?

Jedná se o metodiku hodnocení, jak společnosti přistupují k ochraně životního prostředí, pečují o své zaměstnance a jak jsou řízeny. V podstatě se ESG snaží zjistit, zda firmy jednají odpovědně a udržitelně.

We will solve the implementation of ESG in your company

Initial consultation

Uncover your motivations, business partners, and growth plan with precision. Discover the vital factors that shape the perfect ESG strategy.

Audit of the current situation

Unveil the depth of your existing data and its potential for a sustainable long-term strategy. Our expert guidance will identify areas for improvement, ensuring you have the necessary recommendations for success.

Winning Strategy

Unleash a meticulously crafted, long-term strategy tailored to your company's development plans. Align your ESG goals seamlessly and identify key priorities along with an optimal timeline for implementation. Experience a roadmap that sets you on the path to success.

Automatic measurement and data acquisition

We will invite you to meet with the head of your future department. You will get to know each other, talk about the vision of PKV and check compatibility.

Regular reporting and evaluation

Based on current data, we will optimise the strategy to continually deliver maximum savings and efficiency for you.

We can help you with:

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Economy and ecology unite at last!

This isn't breaking news. Many major corporations have embraced ESG practices for quite some time now. At PKV, we have a decade of experience assisting businesses, offering comprehensive consultations to develop efficient energy strategies, devising impactful energy-saving initiatives, and utilizing real-time monitoring to track energy consumption and carbon footprint. ESG serves as a guiding framework for our services. We prioritize the economic viability of ESG, ensuring it aligns with your company's budgetary goals rather than being perceived as a mere financial burden.

Ondřej Vaněk

Managing Director of PKV

We are not alone in this, we cooperate with organisations

We bring years of experience in energy and sustainability to facility managers on the IFMA platform.
Enmon measures energy consumption online and calculates the carbon footprint of businesses, municipalities and government organizations.
We are a member of the Industrial Council of the Faculty of Construction BUT in Brno.

Do you want to start addressing ESG or perform an initial audit?

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Frequently asked questions from clients

My company is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. What does this mean for us?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include 17 categories defined by the United Nations. These goals are the basis for sustainability strategies. If your company is not meeting these goals, we can help you identify those that are relevant to you and that you can influence. Based on this, we can establish a plan for meeting the goals and set measurable indicators.

How can I find out if my activities are sustainable ?

The European Union has drawn up rules, known as the EU Taxonomy, to determine what activities are considered sustainable. This regulation includes approximately 70 different activities that are assessed in 6 categories. The definition of sustainable activities applies across Europe and it is recommended that screening is carried out to plan KPIs for the proportion of sustainable activities and to identify where there are inconsistencies with the requirements.

I have achieved carbon neutrality in my KPIs, how can you help me with this?

If you have already set up KPIs, this means you have a baseline of your company's carbon footprint and a plan to reduce it. We are able to provide several support services. We can review the carbon footprint calculation for completeness and accuracy, both with respect to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodologies, as well as SBTi and others. As we have a team of technical specialists, we are able to design complex energy saving measures and evaluate their impact, as well as design and assess alternative sources of electricity.

What is CSRD?

The CSRD is a new European directive that says companies must report data on how they care for the environment and employees. This information will have to be published alongside financial results and is intended to improve comparability and transparency across Europe. Large companies that meet the criteria will have to start reporting data from 2024, while smaller companies will have to report later. In addition, a new reporting framework is being developed to ensure that companies report their data in a consistent way and to allow comparisons.

I need to get an ESG rating, what do I need to do?

To obtain a sustainability rating, it is important to be transparent and have relevant data compiled and publicly available. The rating criteria are often an internal matter for the rating company, but one can prepare for the topics and documents they are rating. Data collection is publicly sourced, so a degree of transparency is important. It is good to have annual reports and policies on business and employee relations available on the web. However, together we can prioritize and gradually process and implement the documents into the company according to the set strategy.

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We put economics behind sustainability, which is why we are the right partner for your long-term development.

Ivan Korolov

business manager