Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Looking to obtain an energy performance certificate for your establishment, whether it's a branch, municipality, apartment complex, or detached house? Look no further! Our team specializes in calculating the energy efficiency of various buildings, utilizing data collected firsthand in the field. Rest assured, within just 10 working days of our visit to the last property, you'll have the final documents conveniently placed on your desk or delivered straight to your email. Our services strictly adhere to legal requirements and comply with the latest energy performance certification (EPC) standards for your building.


With a track record of calculating the energy performance for tens of thousands of properties, we bring our expertise to the table.


If you have a substantial portfolio of buildings, we'll thoroughly assess the necessity of energy performance certificates for each one.

Our dedicated team will personally visit all your properties, spanning from city apartments to warehouses in industrial parks across the entire country, collecting precise measurements.


Rest assured, our technicians are highly trained professionals, and your energy performance certificates will be meticulously prepared by experts holding credentials issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Within a swift timeframe of just 10 business days from the on-site measurements, you'll find the completed EPC right on your desk, ready for your perusal.

EPC Renewal in 2023!

As we enter a new year, it's crucial to address the expiration of most EPCs that were prepared back in 2013. If you were diligent in obtaining an EPC during that time, now is the perfect moment to consider its renewal. This renewal requirement extends to both private building owners and municipal establishments.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in 4 Simple Steps:

Obligation Verification

We will select a technician and a specialist in calculations. They will measure and arrange everything for you.

Vypracujeme vám harmonogram

We understand the value of your time. That's why we work closely with you to develop a customized schedule that aligns seamlessly with your needs. Flexibility is our priority.

Thorough Property Assessments

Our meticulous experts conduct a comprehensive construction and technical inspection of your buildings. From the heating source and hot water heating system to the lighting and other equipment, no aspect goes unnoticed.

Crafted EPCs by Energy Specialists

Our dedicated energy specialist diligently prepares your EPC in a structured and visually engaging format, meticulously adhering to the latest regulatory decree. Rest assured, your EPC will meet all quality standards.

We help in manufacturing, retail and municipalities

Energy audits and certificates for 12 500 flats in the Czech Republic processed in a clear and understandable output.
We have prepared energy certificates for buildings owned by the city of Olomouc.
We have been processing energy certificates for the city of Ostrava since 2014.

With us you can be sure that you will receive all documentation on time and in the best quality

We are a stable long-term partner

"We have been cooperating with PKV for a long time in the implementation of our projects and constructions. PKV prepares PENB certificates and assessments for the NZÚ. All documents have always been delivered on time and in the best quality."

Ing. Oldřich Diensbier

Managing Director, A.D.S. Rokycany, s.r.o.

A large portfolio is common practice for us

"Our portfolio consists of 12,500 apartments. It is not easy to find a partner who will physically visit all the houses, where the documents are missing, finish them himself, maintain the quality throughout the contract and at the same time meet the deadline. We are glad to have found such a partner.

Ing. Luděk Zelinka

Technical Director, CPI Bytes

We help in manufacturing, retail and municipalities

Energy audits and certificates for 12 500 flats in the Czech Republic processed in a clear and understandable output.
We have prepared energy certificates for buildings owned by the city of Olomouc.
We have been processing energy certificates for the city of Ostrava since 2014.

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Wondering what an EPC is?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) serves as tangible evidence of a building's energy efficiency. It effectively showcases the energy performance of your residential or commercial property. This certificate is a mandatory requirement when selling or renting real estate. Rest assured, its validity spans for 10 years or until significant construction work is undertaken. Whether it's new construction or real estate transactions, energy performance certificates are legally mandated. Our team specializes in crafting EPCs that are not only comprehensive and structured but also visually engaging, adhering to current regulations, decrees, and quality standards.

When do I need to have an energy performance certificate for a building?

In the construction of new buildings

The energy performance certificate of a building shall be submitted to the building authority when the building is constructed or renovated. Therefore, a building without a PENB should not get a building permit at all. Unless there is an exception where the building does not need to have a certificate.

For major changes to completed buildings

A major change to a completed building is defined as a change that takes place on more than 25% of the total building envelope or a change to the technical equipment of a building with energy effects where the initial sum of the affected energy consumption is greater than 25% of the total energy consumption.

When selling or leasing buildings or parts of buildings in cases of

The sale of the property or its lease is a situation where the obligation to prepare an energy performance certificate for these buildings has arisen.

PKV | David Joura

Do you need an energy label for your property?

David Joura

PENB specialist