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As a pioneer in the realm of energy consulting, PKV has been at the forefront for a decade, transforming sustainable energy into a lucrative and self-sustaining asset for businesses and municipalities alike.

Your One-Stop Energy Partner

Unmatched in our country, PKV has revolutionized the energy sector by offering comprehensive services. From conducting thorough audits and crafting impactful energy documents to developing complete investment projects and presenting ingenious financing options, we are your sole partner for all your energy needs.
Experience the ease of our end-to-end project guidance. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple parties.

Introducing the powerhouse team of energy specialists

Unlock the potential of over 100 seasoned experts and skilled technicians. With a track record of successfully spearheading the most significant energy projects in the Czech Republic, we proudly pioneer the forefront of innovation. Join forces with us, the visionary architects of impactful energy transformation.

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We safeguard your interests and maximize your profits

We embrace independence. Free from any supplier affiliations, we meticulously curate solutions that are proven and deliver unparalleled benefits to your project.
We generously impart our exceptional expertise and unparalleled energy know-how to empower you.

Embracing a Sustainable Tomorrow

At PKV, we are firm believers in a future built on sustainability. Our experts meticulously analyze your structures, constructing precise energy models. Armed with our cutting-edge software, we effortlessly gather energy data, enabling us to calculate and curtail your carbon footprint. Our solutions not only align with environmental goals but also guarantee economic sense and profitability.

We create long-term strategies for sustainability, or even ESG.

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Project size does not hold us back, it drives us forward

Processing of energy labels for Penta Hospitals premises.
Preparation of energy labels and energy audits for buildings owned by the University.
Preparation of branch audits, subsequent subsidy application and implementation of energy management.
We have prepared energy certificates for buildings owned by the city of Olomouc.
We have modernised the company's energy system, designed a new photovoltaic power plant and reduced energy consumption by 80%.
In just 3 months, we prepared an energy audit for 225 DM drugstore branches.

How to make the most of energy for business?

The strength of our services lies in their interconnectedness. We build on modern technology and are convinced that it is possible to combine the green dream with economic reality.

We are partners with those who know

We bring years of experience in energy and sustainability to facility managers on the IFMA platform.
We are part of the Global Reporting Initiative, which has been developing standards for non-financial and sustainability reporting for more than 25 years.
We are committed to helping Brno companies reduce their environmental impact.
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Create a more energy-efficient world with PKV

The work of PKV makes sense because it is not just empty words about sustainability and green energy. It's here that we have the opportunity to design real solutions that make sense technologically and economically, contributing to the sustainable functioning of companies and the planet. Working at PKV gives me and my colleagues the opportunity to realise ourselves and have a real impact on the things around us.

Andrej Filous

Marketing Director

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Energy saving measures, subsidies, ecology or technology in one place

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