Solar energy for companies and public administration

Are you considering a project that will increase your energy independence? We cover all the consulting, design, engineering and subsidy work required for your own power plant. We can help you get your own clean energy source and reduce your carbon footprint. We will survey your buildings, prepare project documentation, calculate the return on investment and arrange communication with the authorities. As an added bonus, we will guide you through the world of subsidies that will make your investment pay for itself in just a few years.

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Unlock the power of personalized energy solutions with our exceptional design services.


Harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of drones and advanced 3D scanning technology, we'll precisely pinpoint the ideal locations for your envisioned photovoltaic power plant.

Leveraging the comprehensive data captured, our skilled designers will expertly translate it into meticulously tailored photovoltaic project documentation. With utmost precision and attention to detail, we'll craft optimal designs that align perfectly with your energy goals.


Together, we'll craft the perfect installation size, strategically design panel layouts, and thoughtfully choose components. We'll also explore storage options and collaborate with you to select the ideal PV installer.

We'll be there for you every step of the way, providing constant support and expert guidance. Count on us to consult and advise you on the right steps throughout the project, ensuring a flawless journey and delivering exceptional results.

Experience the difference where others fall short—choose us!

We boast a dedicated team of in-house experts, including photovoltaic power station designers, technicians, energy specialists, and subsidy professionals. With their unwavering support, we'll guide you through every phase of your project.

Each project is led by a project manager. A person with expert knowledge of the subject, who has gained know-how on the largest photovoltaic power plant projects in the Czech Republic.

No project is too big for us to handle. Whether it's a few hundred kilowatts or several megawatts of power, we rise to the challenge. In fact, we often initiate pilot projects to showcase the immense benefits before clients proceed to cover their entire portfolio of halls, facilities, plots of land, or houses.

Experience an added bonus with our exclusive, state-of-the-art online energy monitoring system designed specifically for your project. Effortlessly track your savings in real-time, right from the convenience of your computer or phone. This invaluable tool not only simplifies report generation for subsidy providers but also provides accurate return calculations tailored to your company.

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Necessary steps for a successful photovoltaic project

and strategy

We will prepare an economic feasibility study for the project, the total cost of the investment, calculate the payback and obtain a notification from the fire department or authorities.

We will arrange the network connection

We will work with you to provide detailed documentation for the connection of your photovoltaic system, regardless of region and local distributor. We normally cooperate with PRE, ČEZ or EG.D.

We design photovoltaics

We have an in-house team of photovoltaic plant designers. Thanks to our capabilities, we will create the entire project for you ourselves and ensure that it looks just like it does on paper after installation.

Building permits and subsidies

We take care of communication with the authorities with your cooperation. Your project will be approved in the shortest possible time and nothing will prevent the execution of the construction.

We are behind the largest photovoltaic power plant projects in the Czech Republic

We designed the first photovoltaic power plant located above a landfill.
We have reduced operating costs through photovoltaics for 7 buildings with a total capacity of 9.5 MWp.
Pro Fidurock připravujeme projekty 6 solárních elektráren o celkovém výkonu přes 2,5 MWp.
Preparation of the project and lightning submission of applications for subsidies in record time for the PV plant with a capacity of 8.5 MW.
We prepared photovoltaic power plants for the Czech manufacturer of eyeglass frames.
We designed photovoltaics for the branches of ÚEB in Prague and Olomouc with 100% subsidy. We followed up the cooperation with further projects in 2023.

A great attitude pays off

A large portfolio is common practice for us

"We take the utmost care of energy-intensive operations. A photovoltaic power plant was therefore one of the logical ways for us to achieve long-term savings. We chose PKV to develop the project. It professionally provided the feasibility study, the creation of the project documentation and other annexes. The project thus fulfilled all the conditions of the subsidy that PKV arranged for us. This also applies to the organisation of the tender and the subsequent sub-tender service."

Ing. Jitka Rampáčková

Technician, Water supply and sewerage in Breclav

We also help in towns and villages

"We have been thinking about a photovoltaic power plant for a long time. PKV contacted us with an offer to secure the project. We were interested in the complex concept of the project and therefore decided to cooperate and put the project in their hands. All time-consuming attachments were processed on time and on schedule. In addition, we received a subsidy and the project met the required quality and deadline. I can recommend PKV primarily because of the scope of their services, which they delivered as initially promised."

František Kraml

Company owner, EM polar

We are behind the largest photovoltaic power plant projects in the Czech Republic

We designed the first photovoltaic power plant located above a landfill.
We have reduced operating costs through photovoltaics for 7 buildings with a total capacity of 9.5 MWp.
Pro Fidurock připravujeme projekty 6 solárních elektráren o celkovém výkonu přes 2,5 MWp.

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Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you to discuss your plans. We will advise you where to start. We'll tell you how much you can save, what the payback will be, and what level of subsidy support you might be able to achieve.

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We are not an implementation company. This is added value for you

We do not supply panels, structures, inverters or other components. This makes us independent, and we pride ourselves on that. However, we will prepare everything necessary for the implementation company - a perfectly crafted project with unique insight. We are engineers, planners and consultants in the energy sector. We are always on your side.

Ondřej Vaněk

Managing Director of PKV

Frequently asked questions from clients

I have an approved subsidy for a PV plant, how should I proceed?

If you've been approved for a grant but haven't yet started preparing your project, now's the time to get started. The deadline to build your photovoltaic power plant is running. There is no need to despair, we can design the PV system for you and organise a tender for a contractor.

Have you contracted a PV contractor but don't have a project ready?

No need to worry. The project should always precede the selection of a contractor. We will go through the brief with you and develop a project that the contractor will build. At the same time, we will create a counterbalance to the contractor and objectively assess the soundness of the delivered solution.

When do I apply to join the distribution?

We will calculate the installed capacity of the power plant, determine the orientation of the panels and how to connect photovoltaics to your energy system. Only when this optimization has taken place is it worth applying for a connection to the distribution system. Few people know that you pay a substantial fee to the distributor for the installed capacity. With the wrong documents, you will misjudge the size of the power plant, overpay the distributor a large sum and increase the project costs.

How do I choose the right partner for an energy project?

References, size and composition of the internal team are most important, your partner must be able to do the full scope of work and not just resell third party services. In addition, it is not dependent on implementation and does not have a contracted technology supplier

What is the return on investment for a photovoltaic power plant?

The return on investment in photovoltaic systems for companies is usually around 5 years after implementation. However, the return may vary depending on the location, size of the project, quality of the system and other factors that we will consult with you.

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Are you looking for professionals to provide your organisation with a green energy source?

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