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Máme obrovského pomocníka pro celou oblast sustainability managementu a energetického managementu. Přeneseme vaše energetická data do našeho řešení Enmon. A vy ušetříte výdaje za energie, spočítáte svoje emise a budete pohodlně reportovat ESG. Vyhnete se nezvykle vysokým vyúčtováním, získáte přehled o spotřebě energie, výkyvech i uhlíkové stopě. Kdykoli, kdekoli, online.

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Automate energy care and sustainability


Are you still manually tracking your energy usage and only reviewing monthly or yearly reports?

Are you and your team still spending valuable time and compromising data accuracy by manually running around to read meters?


Searching for an effortless consumption monitoring tool that can help you save both time and money?

Desire a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of your consumption and carbon footprint data, all in one place?

Všechna data na jednom místě. Automaticky a správně.

Order in the data
Invoices and fines
Calculation of CO2

Unlock software that drives millions in savings.

Experience the power of continuous monitoring, providing you with accurate data anytime, anywhere.

You'll get clear data for decision-making and the basis for your investments, where savings can be made and what you need to focus on to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint in the long term.

Gain valuable insights with cost analysis and data reporting at your fingertips.

You get a clear overview of your consumption and you don't have to go around to each meter separately.Data is collected automatically every 15 minutes. Enmon can read the utility bills by machine. You save time and money.

Report your carbon footprint with peace of mind.

Whether you are dealing with an office centre, a hall, a logistics complex, a branch network, a municipality or a housing association - you always have an overview. You prevent unnecessary lighting, heating in empty offices and other waste. You will be environmentally friendly and react immediately to unexpected fluctuations in consumption.

Digitize all your consumption data effortlessly

Get all your data on suppliers, consumption, invoices, outlets and fines into one system. You can use our technology to set up an electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, but also to sense heat, CO2 concentration in a building or the frequency of door openings in your storage hall. By doing this, you eliminate improve the working environment and make your employees behave more environmentally friendly.

Enmon goes beyond energy solutions. It encompasses comprehensive sustainability management.

Enmon is a unique tool that will not let your facility manager, energy manager or sustainability director get lost. It will help you keep an eye on the targets you set within your sustainability strategy, ESG and non-financial reporting. This enables you to effectively manage consumption reduction, emissions and behaviour across the business.

Cesta k dokonalém přehledu o spotřebách energií

Implementujeme Enmon

Even the basic version allows you to convert energy data into digital form using a mobile app and then analyse it.

Odladíme pilotní projekt

We will show you how the system works on a sample of your properties.

Provedeme analýzu dat

Vyhodnotíme sesbíraná data, zanalyzujeme připojitelnost vašich měřidel, osadíme hardware a nastavíme aplikaci tak, aby maximálně vyhovovala vašemu provozu.

Nasadíme Enmon všude

Nasadíme Enmon tak, aby řešil vaši energetiku co nejpřesněji. Už v tuto chvíli budete mít všechna „živá data“ na webu.

Helping companies and municipalities collect data for their sustainability goals

Energy management for the Czech branches of Asko Nábytek.
Preparation of branch audits, subsequent subsidy application and implementation of energy management.
Energy management for over 100 sites across Europe and subsequent energy saving projects.
In just 3 months, we prepared an energy audit for 225 DM drugstore branches.
We have been monitoring the energy and carbon footprint of the Miltra dairy since 2021.
Comprehensive energy saving measures, accompanied by day-to-day energy transparency, thanks to the implementation of Enmon.

Enmon gives order to building energy across Europe

European portfolio in one software

"Thanks to Enmon, we managed to get the CO2 footprint under control. This is essential if we are to achieve carbon neutrality in the CTP Group in 2023."

Stefan de Goeij

Group Sustainability Officer, CTP

Software for halls and office buildings

"We started using Enmon in 2020 and have been using its functionality to its full potential ever since. We are very satisfied with it. Thanks to the monitoring of individual meters, we have access to our data 24 hours every day."

Martina Kyselová

Facility manager, RWS Moravia

Helping companies and municipalities collect data for their sustainability goals

Energy management for the Czech branches of Asko Nábytek.
Preparation of branch audits, subsequent subsidy application and implementation of energy management.
Energy management for over 100 sites across Europe and subsequent energy saving projects.

Consultations and presentations by Enmon

We would be happy to show you Enmon. Leave us your contact details and we'll show you how the app works so you don't buy a rabbit in the bag. Plus, we'll discuss together what specific ways Enmon could help you. You'll quickly understand the savings and benefits you can achieve with the app.

Are you interested in how we handle your personal data? Take a look here.

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We are not alone in this we work with organisations

Enmon measures energy consumption online and calculates the carbon footprint of businesses, municipalities and government organizations.
We are a member of the Industrial Council of the Faculty of Construction BUT in Brno.

Frequently asked questions from clients

What are the benefits of energy management?

Energy management brings many benefits. With data insights, you can change your company's behaviour. You reduce energy consumption, which leads to monetary savings. These changes also lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It also leads to better management of the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, which extends their lifespan.

Enmon is also helping to formulate a non-financial reporting strategy. This is because it helps you calculate the environmental impact of your business. Whether it's storing data on your consumption or greenhouse gas emissions.

How can we monitor and measure energy consumption?

There are several ways we can monitor the energy management of your company, city, campus or building. One option is low-investment offline monitoring.

The other is online monitoring, which requires the installation of modern meters to monitor electricity consumption in real time and start efficient consumption management.

Can I use Enmon to calculate my carbon footprint?

Yes, Enmon software measures your environmental impact. Energy consumption analysis makes it easier. At the same time, the application provides coefficients for calculating the carbon footprint of other activities.

What precedes the implementation of energy management?

You first need to be clear about why you need energy management. The objectives may vary whether it is consumption monitoring, timely notifications, behaviour change, sustainability, or non-functional reporting. Only then can the right and efficient usage model for our software be set up. We then prioritize, select the optimal pilot project and its scope, and get started with implementation.

Is there subsidy support for energy management?

Currently, there is a MIT Effect subsidy call that allows cities and municipalities to implement energy management.

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Want to find out more about energy management?

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