We will prepare an investment that will save you money on energy bills and help the environment

We can help you with projects that will reduce energy costs, modernise your operations and reduce your carbon footprint. We'll prepare the entire project, obtain the necessary permits, and ultimately manage it for you. We're on your side.

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We helped companies, municipalities and farmers with investments worth 10 billion


Are you unhappy with the current state of your technologies and how much energy they consume in your buildings and grounds?

Is your production ceasing to be efficient because of a poor quality environment?


Do you deal with investment and return on energy projects?

Would you like to start selling energy to the grid and invest the money you would otherwise spend on energy?

Together, we will grasp your energy industry so that it has maximum benefit for your business and your employees

By analysing the savings potential, you will be able to check at the start of the cooperation whether the project and the longer-term investment will pay off.

We calculate the exact return on investment and figure out how to reduce expenses as much as possible.

You'll get relevant data for designing a project to reduce the energy performance of your buildings, and the basis for a smoother process in securing subsidies that can keep your return on investment to a minimum.

We'll improve your company's energy behaviour, make production more efficient so that your consumption is reduced and your employees work in a more modern environment.

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4 steps to an investment that will save you money

We are collecting the necessary documents

We will get to know your utility bills. We will use drones to survey your building envelope and create a 3D model that will allow us to create an accurate energy model of your building.

We calculate the savings potential

We'll put together a set of meaningful cost-saving measures and quantify how much you'll save with your plan. Thanks to our analysis, you will also get an overview of the amount of possible subsidy support for your project.

We ensure a smooth course of cooperation

We will stand by you throughout the project. With your cooperation, we will prepare all the documentation, obtain the necessary permits and select the contractor. We will ensure that all work is on time and to the required quality.

It never ends with one project

We will build on past collaboration and use the evidence gathered to propose further measures to minimise the impact of energy prices on your business.

Project size does not hold us back, it drives us forward

From analysis to reconstruction to photovoltaic power plant

Strategy and innovation for your energy sector

We designed the first photovoltaic power plant located above a landfill.
We have reduced operating costs through photovoltaics for 7 buildings with a total capacity of 9.5 MWp.
Preparation of branch audits, subsequent subsidy application and implementation of energy management.
Energy audits and certificates for 12 500 flats in the Czech Republic processed in a clear and understandable output.
Energy management for over 100 sites across Europe and subsequent energy saving projects.
Preparation of the project and lightning submission of applications for subsidies in record time for the PV plant with a capacity of 8.5 MW.

A great attitude pays off

Modernisation of a company starts with an analysis

"The people at PKV created an energy audit for our entire company. We then decided to use the precise feasibility analysis to obtain a subsidy, which we did receive thanks to PKV. We now have new, more modern and more efficient technologies."

Ing. Tomáš Křemen

Member of the Board of Directors, LAPEK, a.s.

Subsidies will reduce the return on your measures

"PKV approached us with the possibility of using the subsidy for the reconstruction of our agricultural building. One of the ways to save money was to use a more environmentally friendly energy option in the form of a photovoltaic power plant. They provided us with a comprehensive service, from an analysis of the savings potential, including the whole administratively demanding subsidy process, to a sub-subsidy service. Communication with PKV staff was always pleasant, clear and constructive."

Pavel Cerny

Chairman of the Board, AZ Delta, a.s.

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